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KS3 Technology

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Notes: To develop independant problem solves, who are able to use a range of materials and techniques, in order to produce creative solutions. Note – The Design Technology Curriculum is taught using a rotation system. This will mean that the order that pupils are taught Engineering, Food Preparation & Nutrition and Product Design will be different. The length of each project is 1 term.
Year Engineering Food Preparation & Nutrition Product Design 
Year Objective: To learn and develop the fundamental skills required in each area of Design Technology.
7 Electronic systems and metalworking Healthy eating Woodworking key skills
Year Objective: To build upon and develop the fundamental skills learnt in year 7, whilst introducing new concepts.
8 Electronic systems and metalworking Multicultural food Woodworking and polymers
 Year Objective: To build upon the skills learnt in year 8, whilst learning the advanced techniques used in Design Technology.
9 Advanced metalworking and CAD Food commodities Advanced woodworking