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Independent Learning

Independent Learning plays a valuable part in a pupil’s education and the time spent studying at home makes a significant contribution to the progress a pupil can make.

Our aim is to help pupils become effective, independent learners, to help prepare them for life. All pupils will be set Independent Learning tasks where and when it complements the work they are doing in college and the study skills they need to develop.

All Independent Learning tasks will fit into one of three categories:

  1. To pre-learn new topic areas or information.
  2. To embed subject knowledge.
  3. To practice a skill taught in lesson.

All Independent Learning activities will be used in lessons and therefore it is important that they are completed by the set deadline. Pupils should do their Independent Learning activities at home or by special arrangement, in college after 3pm. It is not feasible for pupils to complete these tasks at break times or on the bus.

Pupils need to address Independent Learning activities with a proper commitment and we ask parents to support their children and the college in seeing that these activities are done well. For example, Independent Learning activities could be marked in class, pupils could have a quiz to check their understanding, pupils could use their work as part of an activity in lesson, or it could help pupils revise key content or skills needed for their course.

All subjects will set an Independent Learning task once a week where teachers see their class at least once every week. If classes are only seen once a week or are only seen every other week, then an Independent Learning Task must be set once a fortnight.

Homework Club

A Homework Club is held every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in the Library from 3 pm – 4.30 pm. Staff are there to assist pupils; whether the pupil needs help logging on to Show My Homework, find a password, a little support or help and guidance with the work which has been set. We have computers and iPads available along with the resources of the library.


Pupils can access the school network by using the Home2School facility

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is part of “G Suite”, a service provided by Google for schools and businesses. It combines resource sharing, homework setting, and communication between teachers, pupils and parents.

Google Classroom has replaced Show My Homework for setting and handing in homework/independent learning whilst also replacing our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

For most independent learning tasks set, your child will:

  • Get a notification when a new assignment is set
  • Complete the task either on paper, in their books, or using G Suite software
  • Click the ‘hand in’ button in Google Classroom when it is done (if it is electronic, this will automatically upload it for the teacher to mark)
  • Receive their mark from the teacher afterwards, allowing them to improve it if needed or wanted

Parents and carers will receive an email invitation to become a ‘Guardian’. By clicking “accept”, and choosing whether you wish to receive daily or weekly summaries, you will start to get regular emails with a summary of your child’s independent learning and any in-class updates.

Parents will not have access to Google Classroom itself, but are encouraged to help pupils with independent learning by working with them where appropriate.


Independent Learning Toolkit

As part of Independent Learning, pupils will be practising using different skills to revise and learn information. With the help of past pupils, we have collated a tool-kit to help your child do this. Please see the folder below with strategies that your child could use to help them learn information and revise.

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