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Swan Bites

Welcome to Swan-Bites

We appreciate that parents/carers can be overloaded with communications which sometimes are not relevant to you or your child. To try and improve our communications with you we have developed “Swan-Bites”.

"Swan-Bites" is a bulletin that includes all general school communications, separated out into either All Pupils or specific Year Groups. If you have any comments/feedback about Swan-Bites please email .

Please note, "Swan-Bites" will only be sent to you if there is information relevant to your child (i.e. All Pupils or specific Year Group).

Bulletins can be found in the sections to the right.

All Pupils

Pupil Absence/Appointments

Please contact us before 8.30 am on each day of absence/appointments. Absence is a safeguarding concern. Lack of notification results in a text alert querying why your child is absent. You can phone on 01489 892256, choosing Option 1, or use the relevant email address below. Please also use these emails to report any early collections / late arrivals due to appointments: