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Year Long Term Objective: To have well rounded sports performers, who have the transferable skills and qualities to be successful across sporting disciplines, along with a strong understanding of the benefits of physical activity.
Year Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1  Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Medium Term Objective: What are the fundamental sporting concepts that are integral to being a succesful and knowledgable sports performer?
7 How do we keep possession using triangles? Using movement and co-ordination, how can we get better at striking an object? As an opponent, how can we respond to this? How can we find space, using width and evasion? How can we use our individual fitness (agility, balance, strength and power) to be healthy and succesful? How do we score? And as an opponent, how do we prevent this? How can we be a successful athlete, with our speed, endurance, jumping and power?
Medium Term Objective: How can we use our fundamental sporting concepts to be a successful and knowledgable sports performer in competition?
8 How do you support teammates whislt trying to go forward and look to penetrate the opposition? How can we improve our co-ordination and movement to strike equipment effectively? How can we use our positions and formations to help defend in numbers? How does our agility, balance, dodging and side-stepping help to improve our performance? How do we communicate effectively to enable creativity and solve problems? How is our performance affected by improving our running for speed, for distance and throwing for accuracy?
Medium Term Objective: Are we able to use our knowledge and fundamental sporting concepts to plan, implement, and evaluate tactics to overcome challenges?
9 How can we plan to dominate possession against opponents? How can we plan to strike equipment in a tactical way to beat an opponent? Whilst in possession, how can we build an attack to go through, round or over an opposition? How can you stop this as a defender? Knowing what we know about health and fitness, can we plan to improve it over time through physical activity? As a defence, how can you plan to restrict opponents and limit their scoring opportunities? Can we analyse and evaluate our technique and plan tactically to run faster, throw further and jump higher?