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We explore why some countries are rich and some are poor, how we measure this and how we rectify the problem of inequality with a look at Nigeria and the UK.

In Year 11, case studies are used to explore the challenges and opportunities or cities including Rio de Janeiro and London.

Example Key Words


city with more than 10 million people

Rural to Urban Migration

people moving to the city from the countryside

Natural Increase

The number of people in a city growing due to birth rate

Squatter Settlements

An area of land that is not legally owned by the people who live there

Fundamental British values

Mutual respect – students study global migration patterns and how this has led to cultural mixing in megacities which needs both tolerance and respect in order to prosper.

Cultural Capital

Here students see cities that are very different to their own and look at the culture and socio-economic context which leads to various levels of opportunities and challenges.

UN Rights of the Child

17 – access to information from the media
20 – children unable to live with their family
23 – children with a disability
24 – health and health services

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