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The Endorsement – Spoken Language (The Speech)


As part of your English Language GCSE pupils will participate in a speaking and listening assessment. Pupils will read, watch, and analyse a range of speeches across a range of topics – this study will support them in planning and writing their own persuasive speech on a topic of their choice.  The speeches are recorded in small groups where active listening skills are required in order to ask their peers probing and thoughtful questions.

Unit aims:

  • Read and study a range powerful speeches from across time
  • Understand how the power of language can influence, inspire and motivate
  • Apply a range of persuasive techniques to their work in order to produce their own speech
  • Apply valuable research that will enhance speeches
  • Practice speaking within a forum
  • Plan and edit effectively

Example Key Words

Use of Quotations

Using direct speech from somebody else to back up the point you are making.


When you use consecutive words that all begin with same letter.

Use of Facts and Statistics

Using carefully researched information to back up the point you are making.

Rhetorical Questions

Using questions that make the reader think, usually to get them to think about your point of view.

Strong Ending

Making sure your finish your argument with a particularly powerful point.


Saying the same words or phrase a number of times to ensure that it sticks in the reader’s mind.

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