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Tectonic Hazards


Studying earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, specifically looking at their effects and responses and how this varies between areas of contrasting levels of wealth and how management can reduce these effects.

Example Key Words

Tectonic Plates

Segments of the earth’s crust

Continental Drift

The movement of tectonic plates over a long time

Convection Currents

Movement in the mantle due to the heat of the core


Section of the earth under the crust


Proportion describes the relationship between the dimensions of different elements and an overall composition. Scale refers to an artwork’s size and how parts of a composition relate to each other.


Section of the earth’s crust on the surface

Fundamental British values

Individual liberty – see how this is affected when a natural hazard is experienced in a country and how some people can use their freedom to help in responses to natural disasters.

Cultural Capital

This topic refers to countries of varying levels of wealth and students look at why they would differ in their responses. This allows students to exercise empathy and understand that a range of factors can lead to inequality in the world

UN Rights of the Child

3 – best interest of the child
8 – protection and preservation of identify
10 – family reunification
12 – respect the views of the child

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