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More Able Pupils

At Swanmore College we aim to support and encourage pupils of all abilities to reach their full potential by guiding and supporting them through the diverse range of opportunities on offer her at Swanmore College.  We want every pupil to be able to discover and enhance their talents and our diverse and challenging curriculum is designed to ensure that they all develop their abilities at the optimum rate. In order to drive forward standards and enhance pupils life chances we have high expectations of both our pupils and staff to work together to achieve the best possible outcomes no matter what is being done.

At Swanmore College we use Cognitive Ability Tests (CATs) taken on entry to the school to help identify our More Able cohort. Teacher recommendations are also made by subject areas and the curriculum is differentiated to enable all pupils to be challenged at the highest level on a day-to-day basis.

Through our curricular and extra-curricular programmes, pupils who are identified as More Able will experience targeted enrichment opportunities such as:

Aim Higher Sessions

These sessions combine two faculty or subject areas to provide More Able pupils an opportunity to make links between subjects whilst completing an engaging and fun activity or challenge. These are run on a regular basis and those pupils who are identified as More Able will be invited to attende. Other pupils are of course able to attend should they have a particular interest or passion for the session on offer. We will aim to outline a full KS3 and KS4 program of sessions for each academic term prior to the commencement of that term.


We aim to offer More Able students opportunities to experience success beyond the classroom environment. This has included in the last academic year pupils being involved in Debating Groups and Competitions, STEM Challenges, College Visits, Art and Music performances as well as County and National sporting events. We tailor our extra-curricular experiences to suit our pupils and we are always willing to try something new to aid their and our progression.

If you would like to discuss provision for More Able pupils in a particular area, please contact the relevant Subject Leader or Mr Mosley (More Able Co-ordinator) via