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Swanmore College Medical Forms

Children's Services Health & Safety Consent Forms

Swanmore College - Administration of Paracetamol permission form

In order for schools to administer paracetamol to pupils, the written consent of parents and carers is required.

The school will hold a supply of 500mg paracetamol. By completion of the consent form we will administer paracetamol between 12.40 – 13.10 daily if required for the following reasons: in the event of a headache, toothache, period pain or any type of mild to moderate pain.

We will ask the pupil whether they have self-medicated at any time since attending school on the day, to ensure that no medication is given within a 4-hour period under NHS guidelines.

All staff administering the paracetamol will have received IHASCO Medication Awareness (Education) training. We will email you to inform you of any paracetamol that has been administered to your child, with the time and reason for administering.

Please note that paracetamol will not be issued without the completion of the Consent Form. 

Swanmore College Individual Healthcare Plan

Please click here to fill out an online Individual Health Care Plan form.


To safeguard pupils at Swanmore College, we must be made aware of all medical conditions that require management, as we can only support pupils with medical needs effectively if the information we have is up to date.

All medicines, both prescribed or over the counter, must be brought into the college by a parent/carer and handed to the Welfare Officer, Miss Smith, at Visitor Reception. She will then obtain the appropriate paperwork from you to ensure that we are able to administer and log all medication correctly. Please be aware that we can only accept medication in it’s original packaging. Please also note that we can only administer paracetamol & hay fever medication without prescription.

It is our policy to give age-appropriate doses of paracetamol to secondary age children as described on the packet. We will only administer one tablet of 500mg at second break – 12.40 pm – to any pupil who visits the Welfare Office, in M Block. The Welfare Officer and Deputy Welfare Officer will check consent. Paracetamol may be administered by the Welfare Officer or Deputy Welfare Officer, who have received the required medical awareness training, in the event of a headache, toothache, period pain or any type of mild to moderate pain. (Please see the Administering Paracetamol Policy).

Periodically, we conduct a review of all IHCP (Individual Health Care Plans) and medicines permissions forms. We will contact you for updated information or to ask if a plan can be deleted. We ask that this information is returned to us promptly to ensure that, what we have onsite, is a current reflection of your child’s needs.

Any out-of-date medication must be collected by parents/carers and replaced with in date medication.

We thank you for your assistance in safeguarding our pupils.

Pupils on crutches

No pupil on crutches or wearing a support boot is permitted on site before a meeting with a parent/carer and their Head of Year has taken place. A post hospitalisation meeting is needed before the pupil returns to Swanmore as we have paperwork which must be completed and signed to comply with Health and Safety regulations. Also, we may need to relocate classes on a short-term basis to accommodate pupils who cannot access the stairs. Pupils who attend the College on crutches or in a support boot, without the Head of Year’s knowledge, will have to return home until the necessary paperwork and other arrangements have been finalised.

Is my child too ill for school?

It can be tricky deciding whether to keep your child off school when they are unwell. However, there are government guidelines for schools that say when children should be kept off school and when they should not.

If you do keep your child at home, it is important to contact the relevant absence email (by year group – see contact page) or telephone us, on the first day of absence and any subsequent days, to let us know the reason for this.

If your child is well enough to attend but has an infection that could be passed on, such as a cold sore or head lice, please contact their tutor (see contact list) to make them aware.