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Swanmore College has an outstanding in-house catering team, who provide food service at the start of the day, breaktime and lunchtime, with a clear emphasis on healthy eating and sustainability.

We have worked hard to attain Allergen Accreditation and have implemented “Natashas Law”, which became a legal requirement in October 2021. Alongside this, we are a corporate member of Anaphylaxis UK, ensuring that we have a collaborative partnership, enabling the college to have a more effective understanding of the allergy issues to hand. In addition, we focus on sustainability, looking to significantly reduce our use of plastic and instead opting for an environmentally friendlier solution.

We work in partnership with Bidfood, ensuring we have access to high quality, sustainable produce at affordable prices.

Pupils have access to a varied range of food choices, with differing menu’s including home cooked meals, loaded jackets, pasta pots, snacks, salad pots, sandwiches and fresh fruit salads. Homemade cakes and cookies can also be found on the menu along with a good selection of drinks.

We use a cashless system for the purchase of food and drink; this can be accessed through biometric technology or a swipe card meaning pupils don’t need to carry cash on them and parents can track purchases and spend online.

We are a nut free catering facility, and all our pre-packed foods are labelled with the ingredients and highlighted allergens, in order that pupils and staff can make themselves aware prior to consumption should they have any intolerances.

Paying for meals

Our catering team will never knowingly allow a pupil to go without food. Should a pupil’s account be overdrawn, staff will allow the transaction to go through, if it is within the limits set out below. When an account is going overdrawn, staff will alert pupils and ask them to discuss the situation with their parent/carer so that the account can be brought back into credit.

We ask that you check your child’s account balance regularly, via the Tucasi online system, topping up the account when it is getting low. Accounts can be topped up via, by cash at the coin/note machines in the Swan Café or by cheque to the Finance Office, made payable to Hampshire County Council with your child’s name, tutor, and ‘Swan Cafe’ on the reverse. Scopay offers email alerts and notifications for low balances (you set the amount to trigger an alert).

If a pupil’s account is overdrawn or going overdrawn, pupils will be limited to purchasing a main meal at lunch time in the Swan Café. Account may go a maximum of £10 overdrawn which allows 3 days of main meals to be purchased, thus providing sufficient time for the account to be brought back into a credit balance.

There is an automatic £5.50 daily credit limit set up on each child’s Scopay account. This amount can be changed if requested by a parent/carer. Any purchases from the vending machine on site will be deducted from this daily credit limit.  If items are purchased from the vending machine after hours, this may be deducted from the next day’s spending limit.

If you need a link code to set up a Scopay account, please email your request to


Our menus can be found below and are on posters in the Swan Café also.