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Language Paper 1, Language Paper 2, Lord of the Flies, Jekyll and Hyde, Shakespeare, Power and Conflict Poetry, Unseen Poetry​​​​​​​



Pupils will revisit AQA Language Paper 1 and Paper 2 to prepare for their next final exams.  This will include DIRT activities on their mock exams, as well as enhancing their knowledge of the key skills needed in both exam papers.  Pupils will complete regular practice questions to prepare them for their final exams later this term.


Pupils will revisit all their key set texts, revising plot, characterisation, themes, symbols and context.  Pupils will cover a range of activities including knowledge organisers, close extract analysis, and exam question practice.

Unit aims:

  • Explain, comment and analyse a writer’s use of language and structure in fictional and non-fiction texts,
  • Compare writers’ ideas perspectives in non-fiction text,
  • Write creatively, selecting and adapting tone, style and register for different forms, purposes and audiences,
  • Use a range of vocabulary and sentences for clarity and purpose and effect,
  • Explore content, themes and characters in set texts
  • Explore content, themes and a poet’s craft in unseen poetry,
  • Analyse and evaluate writers’ use of methods to impact the reader/audience,
  • Understand how contextual influences influence writers’ ideas
  • Develop effective revision strategies.

Example Key Words

See previous schemes of learning for specific text key words

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