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KS4 Core PE

In KS3 we provided students with the opportunity to take on different roles within a sporting environment such as a warm-up coach, analyst and equipment manager. Technical ability and the breakdown of different skills were improved alongside the enhancement of tactical knowledge of what a match environment may oppose to teams and individuals. Bringing these factors together, we hope that an individual is equipped to perform highly in a game situation.
As a result, KS4 will be heavily games based, focusing on Sports Leadership for Year 10 and Conditioned Games for Year 11.

Year 10 Sports Leadership

The Sports Leadership curriculum will allow students the opportunity to become an official in a multitude of game scenarios. We are aiming that this will give them a greater understanding of the rules of different sports and how you would action them as an official. Students will officiate on a rotation basis throughout the variety of sports that will be delivered across the year.

For example, during our Netball lessons, students will be given two rules to officiate on per lesson. Over the course of the lessons, students will become familiar with around 10 of the most common rules. Each lesson will provide an opportunity for a small group of the class to officiate and over the duration, all students will have an opportunity to officiate in multiple lessons.

Year 11 Conditioned Games

The Conditioned Games curriculum follows on from what students have learned in Year 9 through ‘Teaching Games for Understanding’ and the ‘Sports Leadership’ curriculum in Yr10. However, students will have the opportunity to choose a pathway of sports that they would like to participate in during their core PE lessons. The lessons will have a specific focus within the sport and will be delivered through a small selection of conditioned games that highlight the focus of the lesson.

For example, during our Football lessons, there may be a focus on ‘playing with width’. A small selection of conditioned games will be delivered that promote and enhance the use of width when playing Football. Students will have to think about what they need to do to be successful in the conditioned games.

Throughout the KS4 curriculum there will still be a continued emphasis on our threshold concepts that were delivered in KS3. We will be referring back to these threshold concepts and getting students to consider these factors when participating and discussing during the lesson.

Please click on the links below to find out more about each unit.

Year Long Term Objective: To have a deeper understanding of the world of sports, sports performers, and what makes excellence happen.
Year Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1  Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Medium Term Objective: To understand how health, fitness, physiology and the training year affects a performer.
10 How does health and individual factors affect a performer Are all athletes ‘fit’? How can we get maximum performance as a result of our training sessions? How does an elite athletes training year differ from ours? How do the musculo-skeletal, and cardio-respiratory system work together during exercise. What would be the ideal distance for a race between Usain Bolt v Mo Farah?
Medium Term Objective: To understand how an athlete creates learns and creates movement, uses psychology to perform at their peak, and how the behaviour of spectators/performers affects individuals.
How does knowing about how we move help us to efficiently produce correct techniques? How much of an athletes performance is psychological? How is the world of sport influenced by publicity and technology? Should we just allow all athletes to take drugs? Are performers and athletes a victim of bad press? Coursework and exam preparation