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Year Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1  Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Foundation IT Skills and Online Safety 
Impact of technology:collaborating online respectfully Networks: from semaphores to the internet Using media: gaining support for a cause Programming essentials in Scratch part 1 Programming essentials in Scratch part 2 Modelling data: spreadsheets
Developing IT Skills, Developing for an Audience and Purpose
Development for the web – using HTML and CSS to create webpages Representations: representing text and numbers using binary digits Mobile App development: Using event driven programming to dreate a gaming app Media vector graphics:creating vector graphics through objects, laying and path manipulation Computing systems: exploring the fundamental elements that make up a computer system Introduction to Python.: applying the constructs of sequence, selection and iteration in Python
Advanced IT Skills, Preparing for a Future Career 
Python programming with sequences of data: manipulating strings and lists Media animations: creating 3D animations through object and manipulation Data science: using data to investigate problems and making real world changes Representations going audiovisual: representing images and sound using binary digits Cyber security: identifying how users and organisations can protect themselves from cyber attacks Physical computing: sensing and controlling with the micro:bit