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Exam practice


Preparation for the exam through a variety of practice questions, to help with exam technique and appraising skills.

Example Key Words


Melody The sequence of musical notes arranged to form the main tune of the piece
Articulation How a note is directed to be played e.g. staccato (detached) or legato (smooth)
Dynamics The volume of the piece e.g. piano (quiet) or forte (loud)
Tempo The speed of the music e.g. Allegro (fast) or Lento (slow)
Structure The order of the sections in a piece of music e.g. Binary (AB) or Ternary (ABA)
Harmony/Tonality Harmony – How musical notes played at the same time work together e.g. dissonant (clashing)       Tonality – The organisation of musical notes around a central note or scale. The key of the piece e.g. C major
Instrumentation The instruments which are used in a piece of music and their role
Rhythm The arrangement of different note lengths
Texture How different musical parts in a piece are layered and interact with each other

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