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FBV: Mutual respect & Tolerance – Looking at the need for people from different countries and of different backgrounds to support each other in order to develop.

Cultural Capital: Simply by living in the UK, in particular Hampshire we find ourselves in a position of privilege comparatively with the rest of the world. We have opportunities that many others would never have. We want to give students an appreciation for the position they find themselves in as well as being able to offer explanation as to why LIC’s have found themselves in this position.

UN Human Rights:

3 – best interests of the child

6 – life, survival, and development

12 – respect for the views of the child

24 – health and health services

26 – social security

27 – adequate standard of living

28 – right to education

31 – leisure, play and culture

32 – child labour

38 – war and armed conflicts

Example Key Words


Low income country


High income country


Newly emerging economy


Gross domestic product

Literacy Rate

Percentage of people who read and write in a country