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Culture (Spanish) : Food, Music, Festivals, Art


In Year 8, pupils continue their language learning journey by studying the topics of Culture, Locations and Travel. World cultures are explored through cuisine, musical diversity and destinations. Pupils use the target language more confidently to engage with the world around them. This course of learning builds on our vision for pupils to become Linguists for Life and gives opportunities for pupils to engage with cultural capital by exploring personalities from Mexico and Mali, for example.

Fundamental British Values

Mutual respect
Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs

Cultural Capital

VIP – Frida Kahlo (Mexico)

UN Rights of a Child

2 – No discrimination
14 – Freedom of thoughts and religion
24 – Health, water, food, environment
30 – Minority culture, language and religion

Example Key Words



In Addition


So, Therefore

así que


no obstante

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