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Biology : Body 1 – The Heart


Students will investigate how the heart works. They will link back to the lungs and the adaptations that ensure good gas diffusion. Students will then learn about coronary heart disease. Finally, students will look at how our body responds to exercise.

The main SMSC/Personal Development content of this topic includes: PD15 – Sense of enjoyment and fascination in learning about themselves, others and the world around them.

The main UN Rights of a Child covered are No.13 – Sharing thoughts freely, No.24 – Health, water, food and environment and No.28 – Access to Education.

Example Key Words


A chemical reaction that releases energy. This happens in all living cells.


Body fluid that delivers nutrients and oxygen to the cells and transports waste away from the cells.


The sum of all chemical reactions in the body.


A blood vessel that carries blood that is low in oxygen from the body back to the heart.


A blood vessel that carries blood that is high in oxygen from the heart to the rest of the body.

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