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23 June 2023

All Pupils

Enrichment 2023/24 - new email contact address and deadline

The deadline for selecting your child's autumn enrichment activities has been extended to Monday 26 June 2023. Hopefully, the issues have now been resolved and you can access the School Buddy system to make your child's choices. If not, please contact

Dates for your diary

Please be aware that Friday 30 June is a Professional Day, so the college is closed to all pupils.

On the last day of term, Friday 21 July 2023, Swanmore College will finish at 12.40 pm. Our transport operators have been informed of this and will be on site to collect pupils.

Professional Days 2023-2024

Friday 1 September 2023

Monday 19 February 2024

Tuesday 30 April 2024

Monday 22 July 2024

Tuesday 23 July 2024

Trip Meetings

Boulogne - there is a meeting for parents/carers and pupils attending the Boulogne Trip at 4.00 pm on Monday 26 June 2023 in the Main Hall. Please bring a photocopy of your child's passport and GHIC.

Ghana - there is a meeting for pupils attending the Ghana Trip at 3.00 pm on Thursday 29 June 2023 in the Main Hall. Parents are not required. Pupils must bring a photograph of their visa if they have it please.

Parent Support Programme - Winchester Youth Counselling (WYC)

WYC run this programme, in partnership with Solent Mind, on the first Tuesday of every month in Winchester. Each month they host a different mental health topic to help parents/carers support young people with mental health/emotional difficulties. The next session is on Tuesday 4 July 2023 at 6.00 pm about 'Online Safety & Social Media'. The session will be led by Lily Dunn from NSPCC. There will also be a member from the counselling team available to answer any questions and 2 youth board members on hand to answer any questions from a young person's perspective. Tickets are £5 (we can offer support with payment if needs be). Booking is essential via the 'Events' page on the website or by clicking on the following link: Further information is attached.

Swanmore Diversity Week 26 - 29 June 2023

This is a time to recognise and celebrate the diversity of our pupils and staff at Swanmore and to promote the fundamental British values that underpin our society.

·          Mutual Respect

·          Tolerance of Different Cultures and Religions

·          Individual Liberty

·          Democracy

In preparation for 'Swanmore Diversity Week', the PSHE lesson on Tuesday 20 June 2023 will focus on diversity in the United Kingdom, with the topic of 'What makes Great Britain great?', during which pupils will explore how diversity in the arts, sports, science and public life has made the United Kingdom so successful in these fields. During Swanmore Diversity Week, pupils will have the opportunity to explore diversity in their subject lessons, for example reading and responding to an extract about a young refugee in English lessons or exploring artists from diverse backgrounds in Art lessons. Additionally, the topic that will be delivered in the PSHE lesson that week will be 'Intersectionality': the ways in which systems of inequality based on gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, class and other forms of discrimination "intersect" to create unique dynamics and effects. This is an important topic that provides pupils with the knowledge, skills and values that they need to support them being active and positive citizen. 

In tutor time pupils will be designing and writing 'Swanmore Diversity Week' pledges that will form part of a large whole college display. We will then round off the week with a celebration of diversity with tutor reps representing their tutor groups, which will be filmed and available to watch on our website and social media. Finally, on Thursday 29 June 2023, pupils will be allowed to wear a 'Swanmore Diversity Week' variation of their uniform: Swanmore PE leggings or jogging bottoms with a brightly coloured T-shirt. Cropped tops will not be allowed, so we please ask that you support us with this and ensure that your child is wearing an appropriate T-shirt. Swanmore will be a beacon of colour and diversity!