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KS3 English

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Year Long Term Objective: Students will become confident readers that appreciate writers’ motivations – both in fiction and non-fiction texts. Students will become confident writers, crafting their writing in a range of forms and for a range of purposes.
Year Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1  Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Medium Term Objective: Students will secure the foundations to confidently handle an unfamiliar text. A deliberate focus on engaging stories and characters will shape the year.
Novel Study: Dickensian Characters ‘A Christmas Carol’ Performance Poetry (leading into Poetry Festival) Shakespeare: Midsummer Night’s Dream Picture Book Unit Novel Study: The Giver
Medium Term Objective: Students will be exposed to more mature feeling texts that explore darker themes and ideas with more sophisticated characters, plots and settings. Students will begin to explore writers’ motivations against a contextual backdrop.
Novel Study: Strength through Struggle ‘Salt to the Sea’ Voices of War (Poetry) Shakespeare: The Power of Rhetoric – Julius Caesar The Gothic Travelling through Time
Medium Term Objective: Students will study contextually rich texts to charge their inference with a wider appreciation for the writer’s motivation. They will demonstrate a deep understanding of the texts studied through creative assessments that will provide an opportunity to exercise sophisticated connections with the writer and the reader.
Novel Study: Against All Odds ‘Noughts & Crosses’ Media Studies: Media Manipulation Protest Poetry Understanding Genre Novel Study: Lord of the Flies