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Restless Earth


FBV: Individual liberty – People have their freedom taken from them when a natural disaster occurs in their country. We look at how freedom is restored to these people. 

Cultural Capital: This will develop the habit of empathy as they will be asked to imagine themselves in a situation such as an earthquake and to decide the best course of action. Some student may have also experienced such hazards and it would benefit them to understand them more fully. Lastly, students will be able to understand what they hear on the news more.

They will be more well-rounded individuals as they understand the types of difficulties that other people face in countries that experience natural hazards on a regular basis.

UN Human Rights:

3 – best interest of the child

8 – protection and preservation of identify 

10 – family reunification 

12 – respect the views of the child

17 – access to information from the media 

20 – children unable to live with their family 

23 – children with a disability

24 – health and health services 

25 – social security 

27 – adequate standard of living 

28 – right to education

39 – recovery from trauma and reintegration 

Example Key Words

Tectonic Plates

Segments of the earths crust

Continental Drift

The movement of tectonic plates over a long time

Convection Currents

Movement in the mantle due to the heat of the core


Section of the earth under the crust


Section of the earths crust on the surface