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Physics : Forces 2


Students will build on their knowledge of forces from last year, focusing on how forces can change the shape and motion of objects. They will also study the impact of speed, weather and other factors on the stopping distance of cars. Pupils should review the keywords from Year 7 Forces.

The main SMSC/Personal Development content of this topic includes: PD15 – Sense of enjoyment and fascination in learning about themselves, others and the world around them.
PD20 – Working Scientifically Assessments and hinge questions as formative assessment.

The main UN Rights of a Child covered are No. 13 – Sharing thoughts freely and No. 28 – Access to Information

Example Key Words


A change to an object caused by stretching forces. Inelastic – permanent change. Elastic – returns to its original shape.

Spring Constant

A term which describes the stretchiness/stiffness of a spring.


The turning effect of a force. Measured in Newton-metres (Nm)


Pressure is the force per unit area. It can be calculated with: P = F/A

Stopping Distance

The sum of the distance the vehicle travels during the driver’s reaction time (thinking distance) and the distance it travels under braking force (braking distance).

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