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Interests (French): Hobbies, Sport, Film, Technology


Pupils in Year 7 explore the topics of Identity, Interests and Education, in which they study ways in which greetings are conducted in foreign languages and communities. Pupils learn to articulate how they see their habitat and household in the target language and communicate key information about themselves, such as their interests and goals. This course of learning introduces our vision for pupils to become Linguists for Life, through personalities such as Gabriella Grimaldi and Luis Díaz, who bring the language to life.

Example Key Words

I Like


I Don't Like

je n’aime pas

I Love


I Hate

je déteste

I Prefer

je préfère

Fundamental British Values

Mutual respect
Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs

Cultural Capital

VIP – Esteban Ocon (France/Algeria)

UN Rights of a Child

12 – Respect for children’s views
13 – Sharing thoughts freely
15 – Setting up or joining groups
31 – Rest, play, culture, arts

Supporting Websites (SwanmoreMFL)