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Food Distribution


FBV: Democracy – how this can lead to increased food security

Cultural Capital: This helps students to understand their carbon footprint and their impact on the planet around them. They will also get to see countries that are unlike their own and build a knowledge of the global marketplace and their effect on it. This is increasingly important as issues such as climate change come to the forefront of culture.

Developing ability to assess situations, provide evidence, analysis and suggest solutions is essential moving forward. Transferable skills developed to help in the workplace.

UN Human Rights:

6 – life, survival, and development

22 – Refugee children

19 – protection against violence, abuse and neglect

26 – social security

27 – adequate standard of living

38 – war and armed conflicts

Example Key Words


How resources are spread out


More than is needed


Less than is needed


Extreme scarcity of food


Farming, including cultivation of the soil for the growing of crops