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Biology :Gas Exchange and Respiration


Students will learn about the structure and function of the lungs. They will look at the breathing mechanism and the impact asthma and smoking have on our lungs. Students will investigate aerobic and anaerobic respiration, the difference and similarities.

The main SMSC/Personal Development content of this topic includes: PD19 – Understanding the consequences of their behaviour and actions.

The main UN Rights of a Child covered are No.13 – Sharing thoughts freely and No.28 – Access to Education.

Example Key Words

Anaerobic Respiration

Chemical reaction that transfers energy to cells without the use of oxygen.

Aerobic Respiration

Chemical reaction that transfers energy to cells.


Lung condition that can cause breathing difficulties.


Movement of air between the atmosphere and the lungs.


Spongy air filled organs on either side of the chest.

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