Year 6 Transition

Please note: Year 7 will be starting on Monday 3 September 2018. All other pupils will be returning on Tuesday 4 September 2018.

Information on Year 6 Transition

We recognise that the move to secondary school is a huge event in a young person’s life. It is our aim at Swanmore College to capture the natural anticipation and excitement that each child feels and provide rewarding and appropriate challenges that allow pupils to feel successful and confident.

We have strong links with our feeder schools across the calendar year and many of our junior pupils have the opportunity to visit the college during Years 4, 5 and 6 as they participate in themed days and sporting events.
The close working links with colleagues at our feeder schools also mean that we can ensure there is continuity and progression for all pupils as academic and pastoral information is shared between the primary schools and Swanmore College.

Key Dates

April/ May 2018 – Dates to be confirmed

During April and May our Deputy Headteacher, Head of Year 7, Deputy Head of Year 7 along with our SENCO will visit all feeder Primary Schools. We will be observing pupils in their lessons, talking with pupils about Swanmore College and asking them to share their expectations of Secondary College. We will also encourage pupils to ask any questions they may have in advance of starting Swanmore College.

Transition Days

This is an annual event held on the first Thursday of July each year to support planning for all our feeder schools. We welcome our Year 6 Pupils outside the Main Hall and they begin their day with an introductory assembly; afterwards they spend some time with their Form Tutor and Tutor Group members.  The remainder of the day is then spent as a Tutor Group where they are able to experience a variety of different lessons and fun activities.

Senior Staff and the Year 7 Pastoral Team are available at the end of the day to meet parents and answer any questions. The purpose of this day is to provide a fun and informative experience so that Pupils and Parents feel fully prepared for the big step in September and can therefore relax and enjoy the summer holidays. Skoolkit will also be available at the end of the day should Parents wish to purchase or pre-order any items of uniform.

September details to follow.

Transition days 5 & 6 July 2018
Whiteley Primary School – Transition Day 10 July 2018

  • Pupils are expected to make their own way to and from the College – via Hampshire Transport bus where applicable
  • Attend wearing Primary School uniform
  • Bring schoolbag and equipment including PE kit
  • A free lunch will be provided on 5 July and 10 July. Pupils will need to bring a packed lunch on Friday 6 July 2018.
  • Skoolkit will be offering Swanmore College pupils a 10% discount on any uniform purchased  from 7 – 21 July 2018.

Outline of transition day

Our transition days give pupils the opportunity to meet their peers, a tutor and  members of our teaching staff. The day will include:

  • Meeting a tutor
  • Tutor ice breakers
  • A sample of lessons
  • End of the day summary in the Main Hall (5 & 10 July only)