Year 6 Induction

Induction of new pupils

We recognise that the move to secondary school is a huge event in a young person’s life. It is our aim at Swanmore College to capture the natural anticipation and excitement that each child feels and provide rewarding and appropriate challenges that allow pupils to feel successful and confident.

We have strong links with our feeder schools through our Specialist Status and also through Sport and Expressive Arts. Most new Year 7 pupils are already familiar with the buildings and many of the teachers and pupils.
A selection of our junior pupils have an opportunity to visit the college during Years 4, 5 and 6 as they participate in themed days and sporting events.
The close working links with colleagues at our feeder schools also means that we can ensure there is continuity and progression for all pupils as academic and pastoral information is shared between the primary schools and Swanmore College.

The formal induction process for our new incoming Year 7 pupils begins with their Induction Day on the first Thursday of July at the end of Year 6. This very much builds on the Master Class day they enjoyed in the college in the summer term of Year 5.
Year 6 pupils begin their day with an introductory assembly; afterwards they spend some time with their form tutor and tutor group members.  The remainder of the day is then spent as a tutor group where they are able to experience a variety of different lessons and activities. Senior staff and leaders of year 7 team are available at the end of the day to meet parents and answer any questions.
The purpose of this day is to provide a fun and informative experience so that pupils and parents feel fully prepared for the big step in September and can therefore relax and enjoy the summer holidays.

Special induction activities are also planned for the first day of Year 7 to enable pupils to get to know their tutor group and to familiarise themselves with the layout of the college.

Year 5 Masterclasses

In June all our prospective Year 5 pupils in our feeder schools are invited into Swanmore College for a day of lessons and getting to know the college: we know from talking to the pupils how much these days help allay many fears about starting secondary school. Year 9 pupils help organise and run the day so not only do the Year 5 pupils experience a range of lessons but they are also reassured by the kindness and helpfulness of the older pupils. They will also have the opportunity to meet the leaders of year 7 and share in a welcome assembly. Leaders of years 7 are available at the end of this day to answer any questions.

Primary Visits

During the 2nd half of the summer term a senior member of the Year 7 team will visit all primary feeder schools to enable parents to ask any questions and have an overview of life in the college.