Rewards & Sanctions


House Points/Achievement Points

A House Point is to be awarded to pupils in every lesson where they have demonstrated that they have met the expected classroom standards for each lesson.

Every class teacher is required to record these house points on SIMS at the end of every lesson. It is good practice to visually share this recognition of positive behavior and learning with pupils by either making the SIMS admissions in front of them or by keeping a class chart for them to see.

Every pupil, therefore, has the potential to earn at least 25 house points weekly for meeting the classroom expectations. This is in addition to any house points awarded for other reasons.

SIMS contains a full drop down list of reasons to award House Points.  Additionally, there is a bracketed numerical value indicating how many house points that particular award is worth.

The categories for awarding house points include:

  • Classroom expectations met
  • Excellent behaviour for Learning
  • Excellent presentation of work
  • Great classroom contribution
  • Outstanding work/homework
  • Accelerated reader awards
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Outstanding pastoral award


500 HPs = Bronze
750 HPs = Silver
1000 HPs = Gold

  • Each year group has a termly Celebration Assembly where pupils’ achievements and progress are recognized.
  • Golden Tickets are special awards that link to the Behaviour Walks (see later) which are conducted by SLT and Heads of Year.


Pastoral Sanction Ladder

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Subject Sanction Ladder



Mobile Phones and iPods


  • Mobile phones & electronic devices cannot be visible anywhere on the college site between the hours of 8.00 am and 3.30 pm
  • It is recommended that phones & electronic devices are not brought into college at all, but if they are, they must be turned off and kept out of sight (Please note: – Neither the College nor the Authority can be held responsible for any personal property which is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed)
  • If a phone or electronic device is seen or heard, it will be confiscated by a member of staff and a parent will have to collect it from Reception
  • Refusal to hand over a phone or electronic device to a member of staff will result in a pupil being internally isolated the next college day
  • If pupils need to communicate with their parents urgently during the college day, then they should go to Reception (not during lessons)