Religious Education

Religious Education at Swanmore gives pupils the opportunity to enquire into a wide range of concepts, religions and cultures.  We challenge pupils to learn from difference and aim to help them become not only more accepting and tolerant people, but also young people who question the world around them.


Our KS3 curriculum follows our locally agreed syllabus, Living Difference.  Though yr7 pupils will enquire into concepts such as:

  • God
  • Suffering
  • Belief
  • Love
  • Jesus – salvation

Pupils will also enquire into specific religious concepts from a variety of world religions such as Buddhism and Sikhism.

Through yr8 pupils will enquire into concepts such as:

  • Brahman
  • Karma
  • Reincarnation
  • Identity
  • Purpose

Pupils will also enquire into specific religious concepts from a variety of world religions such as Hinduism and Judaism.

Across the 2 years pupils will undertake a variety of tasks including discussion, role play, answering written evaluation questions and literacy based tasks such as writing newspaper articles.

KS4 – September 2013 onwards

RE is now taught to every pupil as a Full Course GCSE across Years 9-11.  We follow a philosophy and ethics based course which allows pupils to discuss and consider issues of a mature and challenging nature such as war, punishment, genetic engineering, transplant surgery and human rights.

Pupils will consider these issues from not only their own perspective but also from the perspective of Christianity and Islam.

Pupils are assessed with examination questions at the end of each unit and by practice questions in class and as homework.  Revision guides are available for all pupils to purchase through the school and cover all units that the examination is based on.

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KS4 – pre 2013 start

Pupils do not follow the GCSE course and do a non-examined course which covers elements of both RE and citizenship.  Pupils do a lot of discussion work around a variety of issues and concepts as well as developing cross curricular skills in their written work.

The course is aimed at increasing pupil’s awareness about important personal and world issues as well as helping pupils develop the skills required across the curriculum.

Some of the topics covered over the course are:

  • Civil rights – a case study of Nelson Mandela
  • Relationships – marriage and divorce
  • Government and monarchy
  • The Rwandan genocide
  • Trade and Conflict – conflict diamonds