Prefects and College Council

If you are interested in becoming a prefect or would like a further prefect specific role, please visit the following link:

College Council

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Head Boy
Sam Fancett
Head Girl
Rachel Broad


Year 10 Prefects

Alana Bell

Emily Denham

Richard Graham

Mia Pendred

Sophie Wade

Caira Blount

Megan Dilley

Karen Green

Elspeth Rosseter

Chloe Walker

Isobel Brickell

Matt Dillon

Olly Grimwood

Lucy Russell

Honor Way

Chloe Burden

Emma Donovan

Amber Hennessy

Georgie Salter

Maya Westwell

Hannah Cannon

Ben Dunn

Erin Lale

Tara Sherfield

Claudie Williams

Toby Clark

Molly Dyer

Paddy Murphy

Zoe Smith

Victoria Wymbs

Ben Coleman

Tom Evans

Sam Nanopoulos

Emily Smith

Leah Cook

Annabel Foster

Jacob Northover

Chloe Strange

Isabel Craven

Eleanor French

Amy O’Loughnane

Amy Trimmer

Charlotte Deans

Elsie Goves

Sophie Parker

Amelie Turner


Year 11 Prefects

Rachel Broad
Head Girl

Sam Fancett
Head Boy


Matilda Jonathan
Deputy Head Girl

Abbie Wilson
Deputy Head Girl

Christopher Cox
Deputy Head Boy

Henry Williams
Deputy Head Boy

Tom Armstrong
Senior Prefect

Catherine Payne
Senior Prefect

Matthew Day
Senior Prefect

Molly Evans
Senior Prefect

Jacob Allen

Ella Crabtree

Emily Harvey

Elisha Pone

Hannah Simojoki

Megan Andrews

Melissa Curtis

Lucie Hill

Megan Pound

Ellie Stannard

Lucy Antis

Sarah Drew

Chloe Irwin

Jamie Pratt

Daniel Tate

Rhianon Arnold

Sally Fox

Rose Jeffery

Eva Richardson

Heather Taylor

Katie Bedwell

Gemma Fry

Charlotte Kennedy-Scott

Gemma Ridgett

Mabel Taylor

Amy Boucher

Tom Garth

Rebecca Love

Millie Samuel – Camps

Oliver Thompson

Megan Bradbury

Faith Goves

Ben May

Bo Sansom

Adam Tidman

Amelia Bratchley

Katy Graham

Chloe Morris

Rhea Scarlett

Jess Tizzard

Lucy Brown

Bethn Grimwood

Grace Parker

Tom Scottow

Vicki Walton

Shaunna Buchan

Lydia Hall

Jasmine Penniall

Megan Sellars

Chloe Whittenham

Jessica Comley

Erin Harris

Imogen Phillips

Anna Sharpe