New KS3 and KS4 Assessment

KS3: Swanmore Grades

Along with the changes to the curriculum there has also been a change to the expected method of assessment. Schools are no longer required to use National Curriculum levels and are expected to measure progress in a way that best suits their needs.

To prepare pupils for GCSE study, we are adopting the new numbered GCSE grades at Key Stage 3 also. These have been further sub divided in half and we have named then Swanmore Grades.

KS3 Swanmore Grade
8 5.5
7 4.5
6 3.5
5 2.5
4 1.5
3 0.5

0.5 equates to a NC Level 3

5.5 equates to a NC Level 8

with GCSE study giving access to the higher stages.

KS4: GCSE English and Maths examined in 2017 (all other subjects from 2018)

The Department for Education has proposed the following:

  • The adoption of a numerical grade scale from 1 to 9 (with 0 for ungraded / fail outcomes), whereby;
    •  A grade 4 or higher will be achieved by the same proportion of pupils who currently attain a grade C or higher.
    • A grade 5 is intended to act as a benchmark against international standards. The proposal is to set this at between half and two-thirds of a grade above the minimum required for a current grade C.
    •  A grade 7 should be set such that the proportion achieving at grades 7, 8 or 9 should be the same as those who were awarded A or A* in the last year of current GCSE examinations.
    • Approximately half of the proportion awarded A* should achieve a grade 9.