Staff List 2017-18

Name Title
Miss Akhtar Rural Schools Alliance Trainee Teacher (English)
Mr Allen Personnel Manager
Miss Alner Teacher of Physical Education / Acting Head of Year 9
Mrs Andrews Teaching Assistant
Miss Aparo Teacher of Geography (P/T) , Cover Supervisor (P/T)
Miss Arnell Deputy Head of Year 9
Mrs Avery Head of Creative
Mr Baillie Teacher of Maths
Miss Bajar Teacher of Maths (maternity leave)
Mr Baker Technology Technician P/T
Mrs Baker Finance Assistant
Mr Baldwin ICT Network & Systems Manager P/T
Mrs Barker SENCO / Teacher of History
Miss Barnden Cover Supervisor
Mrs Beck Assistant Head of Science P/T
Mrs Beeton HLTA 1
Mrs Bennett Teaching Assistant
Mrs Benton HLTA 1 (PP) P/T
Mrs Brickell Science Technician P/T
Mr Broadway Teacher of Physical Education
Miss Brown Assistant Headteacher – Behaviour & Safety
Mrs Butcher Science Technician
Miss Carr Digital Media Manager
Miss Carter Teacher of Physical Education P/T
Ms Case Attendance and Admissions Officer
Miss Chalk Welfare Intervention Worker (maternity leave)
Mrs Charters Exams Assistant
Mr Chilton Teacher of Geography
Mrs Christoforou Teacher of Science
Mrs Clark ELSA
Mr Clegg Rural Schools Alliance Trainee Teacher (Maths)
Mr Cole Teacher of Music
Miss Colson Teacher of Maths (NQT)
Mr Coston Creative Arts-A/V Technician Apprentice
Mr Cotillard Teaching Assistant
Mrs Cox PA to Headteacher / Senior Administrator
Mr Cranfield Teacher of Business Studies / Computing
Mr Cuffe Deputy Head of Year 10
Mr Culverhouse Teacher of Maths
Mrs Daniels Administrative Officer
Miss Darby Acting Head of Geography
Ms Davies Teacher of History / Exams Concession Teacher
Mrs Davis Laboratory Technician – 2nd in charge to Senior Technician
Mrs Dawson Art Technician P/T
Mrs Deller Family Liaison Worker
Mr Denzey Teaching Assistant
Mrs Dufty Receptionist / Administrative Assistant P/T
Mrs Edgerton Teacher of Art P/T
Mr Edwards Site Assistant Apprentice
Mrs Egerton Head of English
Miss Elgood Teacher of English (NQT)
Ms Elliott HLTA 1 Literacy/Cover Supervisor
Mrs Elvin Cover Administrator & Receptionist / Administrative Assistant
Mr Emery Data Manager
Mrs Fancett Assistant Head of Maths / ITT Coordinator/Rural Schools Co-Ord
Mr Farrar Teacher of Mathematics
Mr Fawcett Head of Physical Education
Ms Field Science Technician P/T
Mrs Flood Reprographics / Clerical Assistant
Mrs Franklin Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages
Miss Fraser Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages / Head of Year 7
Mrs George Teacher of Art P/T
Miss Gingham Teaching Assistant
Mrs Gooch HLTA 1 Mathematics/Cover Supervisor
Mrs Greenall Deputy Head of Year 11
Mrs Griffiths Deputy Headteacher
Mrs Habis Teacher of English / Head of Year 11
Miss Hammond Teacher of Dance & Drama
Mr Hammond Teacher of English (NQT)
Miss Harper Assistant Head of Maths
Miss Harris Head of Art & Photography
Mrs Harwood Catering Manager
Mrs Hearn Teaching Assistant P/T
Miss Hearn Rural Schools Alliance Trainee Teacher (English)
Mr Hedicker Head of Technology
Mr Higgins Teacher of Science
Miss Hillier Teaching Assistant
Mr Hindle Site Manager
Mrs Howell Teacher of Science
Mrs Hustler Teacher of Maths (SCITT Trainee)
Mrs Illsley Teacher of Technology / Head of Careers & Work Related Learning
Mrs John Assistant Head of Technology (Textiles) P/T
Miss John Teacher of Textiles (SCITT Trainee)
Mr Johnson Teaching Assistant
Mrs Jonathan Teaching Assistant P/T
Mr Jonathan Headteacher
Mr Kay Teacher of Geography P/T
Mr Keenan Cover Supervisor
Mr Landen Teacher of Music P/T
Mr Lewis ICT Assistant Apprentice
Mrs Linehan ICT Assistant
Miss Livingstone Rural Schools Alliance Trainee Teacher (English)
Mr Loveday School Business Manager
Mr Mainwaring Cover Supervisor
Mrs Maley SEN Administrative Assistant
Mrs Mantel Pupil Welfare Assistant
Mrs Markwick Receptionist / Administrative Assistant P/T
Miss Massey Teacher of Art
Mr Massey Site Assistant
Miss McMulkin Business Admin Apprentice
Mrs McGeown Teacher of Science P/T
Mr Michelmore Teacher of Maths P/T
Miss Miles Receptionist / Administrative Assistant P/T
Mrs Mills Lead Practitioner English
Miss Moore Teaching Assistant
Mr Mosley Assistant Headteacher/Head of Science
Miss Neill Teacher of Science (SCITT Trainee Teacher)
Miss Newton Teacher of Food and Textiles (NQT)
Miss Noden Teacher of English / Literacy Coordinator
Dr Norris Teacher of Science P/T
Mrs Paice Teaching Assistant
Mrs Parrant ELSA P/T
Mrs Payne Cover Supervisor
Miss Phillips Teacher of Science
Mrs Lunn Teacher of English
Miss Pursall Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages P/T
Mr Richards Teacher of Physical Education / Head of Year 8
Mr Robinson Progress Intervention Worker
Ms Rogers Teacher of Science P/T
Miss Rowlinson Teacher of Religious Education
Miss Rudd Teacher of Physical Education (NQT)
Miss Ruzewicz Head of Humanities
Mr Scott Assistant Head of Science / ICT Coordinator
Mr Severs Teacher of Maths
Mrs Slack Teacher of Technology P/T
Dr Sleat Assistant Headteacher/Head of Maths / Data Co-ordinator
Mrs Smith Technology Technician
Mrs Smith Head of Computing & Business Studies
Mrs Smith RSA/SLT Administartor
Mrs Smith Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant
Mrs Smith Rural Schools Salaried Trainee Teacher Science
Mrs Snow Deputy Head of Year 7
Mrs Taggart Teaching Assistant
Miss Thomas Head of History
Mrs Thomson Deputy Headteacher
Mrs Thorby Examinations Officer
Mrs Thorne Teaching Assistant
Mr Towle Science Technician
Mrs Troughton Teaching Assistant P/T
Mrs Tye-Reeve Teacher of Technology / Head of Year 10
Mr Tyler Site Assistant
Mr Viegas Pimentel Teacher of Technology
Miss Wakely Teacher of English
Mrs Wall Teaching Assistant
Mrs Wallwork Teacher of History P/T
Mr Walmsley Teacher of Science
Mr Watwood Rural Schools Non Salaried Trainee Teacher (Science)
Mrs Whitfield Teacher of Maths P/T
Miss Whitteron Teacher of English P/T
Mrs Wiggans Deputy Head of Year 8
Mr Wild Head of Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs Wilde Assistant Head of English
Mr Williams Teacher of PE (SCITT Trainee)
Mrs Wragg Teacher of English
Mrs Wright Teacher of English
Mrs Yates Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages P/T
Miss Young Teacher of Science / Head of transition