Our ideal is based on the recognition of the universal human need for visual communication. Central to this is our commitment to provide an environment in which pupils will develop aesthetic and evaluative skills: the ability to express themselves artistically. Pupils will be introduced to a variety of media, techniques and critical studies that develop, challenge, enhance and contribute to creative thinking, problem solving and individual expression. We follow the AQA full course GCSE syllabus. You can find a link to that here  if you have any further questions or enquiries, please get in touch at [email protected]

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Autumn Spring Summer

Year 7

What is drawing?

Line and colour

Baseline test, target setting for Neo. Tone Self and peer assessment. Texture Colour End of year review.
Reference Kandinsky

Abstract Expressionism



Van Gogh




Subject Music

Still life objects.

Mechanical Objects

Music instruments

Natural Forms


Natural Forms
Content An introduction to drawing including the use of sketchbooks.To develop a subject specific language. Drawing exercises and introduction to the colour wheel. An appreciation of the cubist movement and creation of a monochrome still life study in the style of Picasso/Braque. An exploration of mark making and the work of Van Gogh through the use of mixed media. Pupils will work towards producing a study of a natural form in the style of O’Keefe for the purpose of end of year assessment.
Materials Pencils, biros, watercolours and colour pencils. White objects for still life drawing. Oil pastels, colouring pencils, watercolour and ready mix paints. Musical and mechanical objects. Collage and mixed media. Images and real flowers. Oil pastels, natural forms.
Homework project All about me title page and collection of information for sketchbook timelines.
Research favourite artist, create artist page.
Researching Cubism movement and producing a still life drawing in the style of Picasso/Braque. View from window in the style of Van Gogh and mark making investigations.

Year 8

Line and Tone Options book out. Colour and Line

Word and Image

Pupils selecting options in this term. Pattern and Texture End of KS3 review. Celebration of progress and achievements.
Reference Edwardo Paolozzi Beatrice Milhazes
Various artists on prezi.

Lizzie-Mary Cullen

Gustav Klimt


Subject Organic Mechanic

Concertina sketchbooks

Our Environment

Maps and Journeys

The Human Figure/Self Portrait
Content To produce detailed studies of organic and mechanical forms in order create a design which combines both themes. To create a visual record of journeys and our local environment (specifically Swanmore) through a variety of illustrative approaches. To produce a personal response to the theme of self portrait which shows an appreciation of the work of Gustav Klimt and an exploration of patterns.
Materials Various drawing materials. Fine liners, watercolours, colouring pencils. Mixed media, camera.
Homework project Poster design based on promoting an event in the style of Fernand Leger. Photography based project capturing local environment and journeys. Photography/collage based pattern project inspired by natural forms.


Autumn   Spring   Summer

Year 9

The World Beneath Our Feet Cells



Buildings Marine Life/ Seaside
Reference The Boyle Family Biology



Ian Murphy

Jenny Holzer

Giovanni Battista


Sarah Parker-Eaton

Thea Beirg

Lousie Hibbert

Catrin Mostyn-Jones

Subject Surface and Texture Shape, form, line. Line, shape, space, proportion, tone, perspective. Pattern, texture, colour.
Content Exploring surfaces and texture through mixed media experiments. Pupils produce a response to one of the following aspects of buildings.

a) Facades

b) Structures

c) Architecture

Patterns and Forms in marine life in and out of the water.
Materials Mixed Media Mixed media drawing. Mixed media painting, textiles, college,

Year 10

Self Image Development of Self Image  Final Major Project
Reference Various artists who have produced self-portraits. Chosen artist
Subject Self Portrait Self Portrait
Content Two-dimensional response to the theme of self-portrait looking at an appropriate artist. Working in the style of chosen artist from Spring Term to produce a final piece.  Pupils given a range of starting points and should respond individually
Materials Drawing, painting, mixed media. Various 2-D materials.

Year 11

Final Major Project Final Major Project EXAM including MOCK exam
Reference Various artists who have produced self-portraits.
Subject Various