Attendance and Absence

Important Information for Parents

To report an absence please contact the College on 01489 892256 or via the following email addresses:

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]


Good attendance is essential in supporting progress and continuity of learning.  Therefore pupil absences need to be kept to the absolute minimum.

Pupil should be absent only if:

  • there is a genuine illness;
  • there is an unavoidable medical appointment which has to take place during school hours;
  • there are exceptional family/ personal circumstances which necessitate this.


The college does not normally authorise absence for pupils in Years 10 and 11 and will only authorise absence for pupils in other year groups in response to exceptional circumstances.  We are afraid that we cannot accept cost of a holiday as an exceptional circumstance.

ALL reasons for absence will be meticulously checked.

Should you wish to make a request for an absence for exceptional circumstances please contact the college office who will provide you with the appropriate form.

Absence Reporting

Pupil Absence from College – Guidance for Parents:

What to do when your child is ill:

  • To report an absence please email the absence email address for your child’s year group using the addresses at the top of this page or telephone 01489 892256 with a brief description of the problem and the likely return date.  This information will be passed to your child’s tutor.
  • On return day to college after absence please send a note in giving the dates of the absence and briefly explaining why he or she has been away.
  • If a child is absent for more than a week because of illness a medical note is required.

Written confirmation of a child’s absence is a legal requirement.  It is very important that this written explanation is received by your child’s tutor within ten days of the absence. If this does not happen the absence will have to be considered as unauthorised. It is then the responsibility of the college to notify the Educational Welfare Service of such absences.