Academy Consultation

End of Consultation – Letter to parents and other stakeholders

Dear Parent/Carer

The Governing Body of Swanmore College met on the evening of 8 May 2017 to consider the results of the six week academy consultation process which ended on 27 April 2017.

The results of the consultation voting were as follows:

Combined online survey and paper voting slips returned:

% Number of responses
Yes 25.0 79
No 61.4 194
Don’t Know/undecided 13.6 43
Total 100.0 316


Online survey only:

% Number of responses
Yes 25.41 77
No 61.72 187
Don’t Know/undecided 12.87 39
Total 100.0 303


Paper votes returned:

% Number of responses
Yes 15.4 2
No 53.8 7
Don’t Know/undecided 30.8 4
Total 100.0 13


The Governors have listened carefully to feedback from parents, pupils, staff and other stakeholders and we thank all those who voted and sent in comments and questions – this was extremely helpful.

This was considered at an exceptional Full Governing Body Meeting held on 8 May 2017.

We reflected on what the consultation process told us, looked at the recent messages produced from literature and research about the strengths and weaknesses of Academy status, and considered whether the gains warrant the potential distraction and costs we would incur by proceeding with conversion.

We decided that, whilst we will certainly need to develop a strategy of securing resources and financial resilience for the College’s future, at this point in time we will not pursue Academy Conversion.

Government initiatives and policies, sat alongside a time of very constrained school funding, mean that we must and will find ways to deliver the College’s objectives in ways which are new to us. As part of that process, we can draw on the current strengths identified from the academy model and explore how we may utilise those models to act in the very best interests of Swanmore College.

We will continue to explore ways of running Swanmore College efficiently and will be looking at ways of further developing local collaborations to allow us to share resources and make potential financial savings.

A huge number of uncertainties remain but rest assured, if government returns to insisting on compulsory academy conversion within a defined timescale for local authority maintained schools or other circumstances change, the governors will not hesitate to consult again about how to take the best way forward.

Yours sincerely

Alison Clark
Chair of Governors